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Principle of Nagarathar's

  • Giving respect to elders even when they are not relatives and even when they are poor. Giving respect to father, mother guru God and brahmins. 

  • Earmarking a portion of income to temples and mutts (madams) 

  • Doing only good things. 

  • Doing business with highest integrity and honesty. 

  • Godfearing and Godloving 

  • Worshipping only Lord Shiva 

  • To marry only a boy or girl belonging to a different temple among nine nagarakkoils. 

  • Lending in low rate of interest. 

  • Doing Money-lending and jewellery businesses 

  • Keeping away from other persons' wives. 

  • Keeping away from character-less persons and excommunicating them from the community. 

  • Assembling in Nagarakkoils and decide the codes of conduct. 

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