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Ilayatrangudi Kovil

Iraivan : Arulmigu Kailasanathar.
Iraivi : Arulmigu Nithyakalyani.

Iraivan : Arulmigu Kailasanathar.

Iraivi : Arulmigu Nithyakalyani.

Pirivugal : Okkoor-kudiyar, Arumbarkilaiyarana Pattinasamiyar, Perumarudur-kudiyar, Kalanivasal-kudiyar, Kinginikur-kudiyar, Keriyasethur-Kudiyar, Sirusethur-kudiyar

Estimated Date Granted: 714 A.D.

Number of Pullis: 6,500*

Population: 26,000*

Important points

1. The sevan pirivus,though they have the same kovil,will do marriage with other pirivu of the same kovil and they will do do marriage with other kovils too.

Points of Interest

Illaythangudi (also spelled Ilayattrangudi) was the first established clan temple.

Legend has it that it was the resting place of the gods and explains the village's name with a syllable break-up of Illaippu (tierdness), attru (removal), gudi (place).

Location 25 kms from Karaikkudi.


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